New Portfolio Management Platform – i3DIY Is Launched

Investing can be very economical

If you want to invest US$50,000, going to a financial advisor would cost you $500 a year in management fee. i3DIY is a professional financial advisor that does not cost you management fees. Instead, for a system service fee of $69 a year, you can even make savings in transaction fees and avoid short-term capital gain tax.
If you possess a portfolio of more than a dozen markets in an online stock broker, it would cost almost a hundred dollars in transaction fee each time you rebalance your portfolio. i3DIY has a Fee Minimizing Engine to lower your transaction fee by more than a half to 30 to 40 dollars each time you rebalance your portfolio.

i3DIY can also avoid short-term capital gain tax.

Investing can be so easy

No time for research? Don’t know the basics of investment portfolios? Are you blindly following the big headlines of the market? Is it too much work to open new accounts for transfers?
i3DIY is a user-friendly tool that helps you figure out your risk attribute while recommending investment portfolio in a single step. The system automatically suggests you make the right amount of the right purchase at the right time. Furthermore, the system automatically notifies you when your portfolio might have to be adjusted due to market changes. There are no complicated steps required, and you can invest with a little effort and a lot of peace of mind.
Be it your corporate pension account, your children’s educational trust or personal pension account, i3 can easily manage all your existing accounts, keep yo updated with all chances as well as giving you rebalancing advice.

Shop around for the best bargain

Why is i3 trustworthy?

i3DIY combines historical data with the level of risk tolerance to calculate asset allocation and recommend a customized investment portfolio for each client. You can easily download or manually input various trading accounts in different financial institutions on our website to compare the performance of our recommended portfolio with the performance of your existing one. You can switch to our recommended asset allocation when you have full confidence that our recommendation would outperform your current portfolio.

DIY investing with peace of mind

i3DIY provides passive asset allocation advice, scientific calculations and diverse plans for portfolios, position reports and notifications, portfolio performance back testing of the recommended portfolio, as well as a variety of charts including the Monte Carlo simulation chart, historical accumulated return chart, allocation candlestick chart and so on. In comparison with numbers, the charts and reports provide a practical way to review your portfolio.
i3DIY only provides investment advice. The clients are not required to transfer their money to us, and they always have the final say. The revenue of i3DIY comes solely from the system service fee. We do not receive any commission from any financial institution for recommending any product. Through i3DIY, our clients are in full control of their investment.

For more information, please visit i3diyinvestor or contact:

Daniel Tsai, Ownla LLC

Ownla LLC is the owner of i3DIY. The goal of Ownla is to provide DIY investors with simple, low cost, and passive investment tools to plan and manage their own investment.

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